Aerobatics & G Forces


In a World Champion Air Race Unlimited Category Aircraft over
Ras Al Khaimah

ActionFlight Aerobatics UAE


Imagine strapping into the passenger seat of one of the finest, high performance aerobatic and air race aircraft ever built – the Extra 330.

ActionFlight gives you the chance to experience what you have only gasped at from the ground – REAL Aerobatics, true G-Forces and sky dancing excitement rarely accessible to the public in most countries.

Our accomplished ActionFlight pilots will fly you high above Ras Al Khaimah among spectacular scenery of mountains, desert and sea,

then entertain you with an awe-inspiring cocktail of manoeuvres that ordinarily would only be seen at an air-show.

The thrill factor can begin with a gentle tingle for those who don’t want to fly too far outside their comfort zone, or it can build to a full scale, five-star buzz.

To relive this experience, your flight is captured on full action video and digital photos via externally mounted cameras which take in the whole flight…face pulling G’s, pilot and awesome scenery included.


If you seek genuine excitement and something extraordinary you will revel in the absolute buzz and adrenalin rush this unique adventure offers.

ActionFlight provides an exhilarating yet safe, high octane aerobatic experience unequalled in quality.

The ActionFlite Extra 330’s undisputedly provide one the fastest adventure rides available in the world.

Not only will you fly at speeds in up to 400kph you will be doing it whilst experiencing some impressive G’s.

Staggering role and climb rates combined with amazing 720 degree panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and desert makes this adventure a genuine one of a kind experience.

This tested and proven World Championship winner has gained a reputation worldwide for being at the top end of elite action thrills.