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RAK Sunrise Standard Hot Air Balloon flights – UAE


RAK Standard Hot Air Balloon Flights

  • Adult RAK Standard Balloon Flight 799.00AED 
  • Child RAK Standard Balloon Flight 749.00AED 
  • All prices Include 5%VAT
  • Includes transport within the UAE!
  • Video package of your flight AED 290.00 *must be purchased online or at the launch site prior to your flight


RAK hot air balloon photo and video packages

  Sparkling grape juice is a European tradition of ballooning 

RAK Standard Hot Air Balloon Flights Includes:

Your RAK Standard hot air balloon special flight includes return transport within the UAE.

At the launch site, you will witness the balloon inflation while receiving a flight briefing with photo opportunities available.

Enjoy an inspiring 50 – 70 minute sunrise hot air balloon flight.

After a smooth landing, savor light refreshments in the picturesque desert including a glass of sparkling grape juice as per European tradition.

As a cherished memory, you will be presented with a flight certificate personally signed by your pilot.

Ensuring a seamless return, we will take you on a short, exciting off-road drive in luxurious air-conditioned all-terrain vehicle from the balloon landing site to your car, hotel, or pickup point.

Because we love what we do, we guarantee you a memorable experience by providing you with an exceptional quality adventure.

Allow approximately 2 hours for the total experience.

Book online or Call/WhatsApp us for booking assistance

Hot Air Balloon flights Dubai and Ras al Khaimah  UAE – Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Ras Al Khaimah’s desert from an ActionFlight hot air balloon as the first rays of the sun illuminate the breathtaking landscape.

You will Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of the Northern Emirates, where the dunes gracefully curve like magnificent works of art.

Floating high as a majestic falcon you can catch glimpses of the captivating wildlife thriving in their natural habitat – We’ve seen wildlife including desert foxes and elegant oryx, hundreds of regal camels and herds of untamed donkeys. There’s so much to see on every flight. Each day presents a new adventure as our flights take off from different locations based on the wind’s gentle whims.

Traverse mesmerizing landscapes, from lush mangroves to vast deserts and wadis, towards the majestic Hajar Mountains or the radiant coastline where you’ll be greeted by the enchanting Marjan Island and the sparkling Arabian Sea. Rest assured, each location promises a spectacle that is beyond compare.

Ask About Private Hot Air Balloon Flights and Group Bookings

Whether you are embarking on a personal journey or planning a grand gathering of your family and friends or organizing a private function or corporate hospitality event of up to 20 individuals per hot air balloon basket, our flights cater to all.

Don’t miss out on these extraordinary Hot Air Balloon flights in Dubai UAE, to experience for yourself call or WhatsApp our friendly reservations team – +971 58 550 9022 to arrange your private group flight or book on our online calendar.

Fly with Actionflight and unlock the magic of Ras Al Khaimah in all its breathtaking glory.

More Great RAK Hot Air Balloon Flight Options >

DJ in the sky hot air balloon flights in Ras Al Khaimah

RAK DJ in the Sky Hot Air Balloon Flights

* A minimum of 14 persons are required to fly a DJ balloon unless the entire balloon is booked as a private flight

  • DJ flight (per person) 1799.00 AED
  • All prices Incl 5%VAT
  • Includes transport within the UAE!
  • Video package of your flight AED 290.00 *must be purchased online or at the launch site prior to your flight.
Premium flights

Premium Hot Air Balloon Flights in Dubai and Ras al Khaimah UAE

  • Adult Standard Balloon Flight 1199.00AED 
  • Child Standard Balloon Flight 1099.00AED 
  • All prices Include 5%VAT
  • Video package of your flight AED 290.00 *must be purchased online or at the launch site prior to your flight

We require a minimum numer of 14 passengers for the premium flight option, so get a group of friends together or call us +971 58 550 9022 to reserve a spot in the next premium flight.

Private Balloon flights and private compartments

Private RAK Hot Air Balloon Flights and Private Compartments

  • Private compartment (1-4) ppl AED2,949.00
  • Private balloon flight (per balloon) AED12,49
  • All prices Include 5%VAT
  • Video package of your flight AED 290.00 *must be purchased online or at the launch site prior to your flight

Flights Include:

(As per RAK Standard Balloon flight unless by prior arrangement)



  • 45 – 60 minute Hot Air Balloon Flight
  • For up to 4 people
  • More spacious than a standard ticket.
  • Perfect for couples or small family groups
  • Complete the day with a ‘bubbly’ breakfast 
  • Souvenir flight certificate 
  • Photos and video available on the day
  • Contact us to book your private compartment.



  • 50 – 70 minute Hot Air Balloon Flight – From Dubai and Ras al Khaimah UAE
  • Adults and children’s prices available.
  • Bubbly breakfast and flight certificate is included.
  • Enjoy a falconry display
  • Souvenir photographs and videos available 
  • Return transport within the UAE.



  • Contact us for all private compartment, private  group and large group bookings
  • Ask about group discounts and special events
  • perfect for MICE and corporate events.
  • All flights include passenger certificates of achievement, bubbly breakfast, falconry show and transport.
  • Ask us about event or branded balloon banners 

ActionFlight ready to launch
ActionFlight Balloon Hot inflated at Tower Links at Sunrise
ActionFlight Ras Al Khaimah Desert balloon flights